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Server Cabinets and Network Equipment Cabinets

Beginning with one of the base server cabinets / network equipment cabinets shown below you can specify all the features and accessories of your server cabinets / network equipment cabinets design by either calling us to discuss your specific needs or by using the website and choosing the accessories and options desired.

Standard Equipment  / Server Cabinets

Accessories and Parts for Network Equipment Cabinets / Server Cabinets -

Power Strips
Mounting Rails
Filler Panels
Cable Management


Open Frame

Solid Sided Frame

Wall Mount

To make things quick and easy, we are listing below our best seller server cabinet configurations. If the features included match your requirements, you can find the price information and place the order online.

Preconfigured Server Cabinets - Solid Sided & Open Frame
19" Rack Mount Server Cabinets




40U, 36" deep,
Non-removable sides server cabinets

44U, 36" deep,
Non-removable sides server cabinets

44U, 40" deep,
Non-removable sides server cabinets






44U, 36" deep, Open Frame server cabinet

44U, 36" deep, Removable Sides server cabinet

44U, 40" deep, Removable Sides server cabinet

48U, 36" deep, Removable Sides server cabinet

44U, 36" deep, Double Bay,  Removable Sides server cabinet

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