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Cabinet Accessories


Adjustable Anti-Tip Leg: HH8003

  • Material: 1"x 2" Steel tubing
  • Finish - painted to match cabinet
  • Extends maximum of 16"
  • Protrudes approx.1 1/2" when retracted
  • Lock in desired position
    (Also available in fold out position)

Ground Stud: HHGS8001

  • Material: Phosphor bronze or copper flashed steel located when required


Exhaust Fan: HHFan

  • 590 CFM, 115V, single phase 50/60 Hz standard
  • Other fans available, AC or DC


Outlet Strip:

  • HH xx 77 xx ACPS
  • HH xx 70 xx ACPS
  • HH xx 46 xx ACPS
  • 3 wire, single circuit grounded outlets, 115V, 15 Amp outlets on 6" center
  • Supplied with 6' cords and molded plugs
  • 20 Amp also available
  • Twist plugs also available

Bus Bar: HH8002-L


  • Material: 1/4" x 1" copper bar
  • 10/32 tapped holes on 6" centers

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every element of your network... safely and economically

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